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The Woodsfellow Institute for Couples Therapy
The Woodsfellow Institute for Couples Therapy

What Colleagues are Saying

“Truly, one of the better workshops on this, or any other, topic I’ve ever attended. Just great.” – Aubrey Moore, PhD

“Great workshop. To the point and organized. Liked all of it. Very thought-provoking.” – Deborah Yates, LMFT

"I can’t wait to get back to work with my couples using these new skills and insights."  – Amy Johnson, LCSW

“I look forward to using these concepts with both individuals and couples.”  – Deborah Weisshaar, PhD

"Exceptionally well thought-out, prepared, and delivered. Extremely informative and beneficial."  – Celia McGregor, LPC

"Very clear. Well-organized and presented. Excellent!"  – Warren Kaplan, PhD

"Lots of new ideas. Very helpful, very organized, illuminating, and may I say entertaining!"  – Maurie Freed, LMFT

“Very useful information.” – Jane Holmes, PhD

"Very helpful and practical ideas for improving my couples therapy skills."  – Joni Ward, LPC

“A great combination of practical and ethical discourse. Well planned and organized.” – Laura Mette, LCSW

"Great teacher! Patient with questions. Clear straight-forward answers to complicated situations."  – Rhonda Perry, PhD

"A good balance of theoretical and practical training."  – Andrew Ward, LPC

"This training increased my knowledge and confidence for building a couples practice."  – Julie Pope, PhD

"I found the comments, the research, and the use of instruments very helpful"  – Edward Wimberly, LMFT

"Well worth your time and money." – Martin McNaulty, LPC

"Knowledgeable. Expert in his field. Validates what I do."  – Rick Blue, PhD

Ethics with Couples

"Best ethics workshop in my career of 20 years." – Andrea Clifton, LCSW

"This training will help me deal with secrets better." – Carla Anderson, LPC

"I expected the workshop to be great -- as usual. Engaging, informative." – Maci Daye, LPC

"David's honesty and simplicity with complicated stuff was engaging." – Deborah Russo, Psy.D.

"This training will help me avoid ethical dilemmas." – Paul Austin, LPC

"Engaging, thoughtful, organized." – John Paddock, Ph.D.

"Very professional. Knowledgeable." – Terry Hash, LPC

"Great workshop! The discussion about ethics and boundaries was really helpful." – Angela Bethea-Walsh, PhD

"Well done! Excellent concepts." – Peg Fiman, LMFT

"This workshop will help me clarify policies and procedures and create clearer boundaries." – Sarah Tranakos, PhD

"Very informative and entertaining. Helps me to set firm boundaries in the first session." – Patti Lyons, LMFT

"David was very sincere, very learned in his approach, genuine and open." – Arthur Cohen, PhD

"I always learn a lot." – Helen Kotler, LPC

"David is always organized. I cocme again and again." – Barbara Patterson, LCSW

Love Cycles, Fear Cycles

"I find the professional training at the Woodsfellow Institute to be both effective and immediately applicable. I appreciate the opportunity to learn at this level in our Atlanta community."  – Dawn Echols, LPC

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