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The Woodsfellow Institute for Couples Therapy
The Woodsfellow Institute for Couples Therapy

Marriage Counseling

The Woodsfellow Institute for Couples Therapy

“We’ll be glad to help you save your marriage.”
– David & Deborah Woodsfellow

It’s so sad when good people split up.
Especially when the marriage could have been saved.

Don’t let this happen to you.

You owe it to yourself to do everything you possibly can to try to save your marriage.

Get some help. Seek marriage counseling. Give it your best effort. Even if you fail, you’ll know that you did everything you possibly could.

If you come to us for marriage counseling, you will probably succeed in saving your marriage. Because of the 1,800 couples who have already come to The Woodsfellow Institute, over 80% are still together.

Learn about our approach to marriage counseling:

High Success Rate in Couples Counseling

Dr. Woodsfellow’s high success rate is due to his thorough training and his vast experience. He can understand your situation because he’s worked with many other couples in similar circumstances. For 20 years, his practice has been 100% couples therapy. He has seen a lot of couples.

Dr. Woodsfellow has been personally trained by five of the great masters of couples therapy: Harville Hendrix, John Gray, John Gottman, Sue Johnson, and Terry Real. He has studied many years with each of them. He brings this breadth of knowledge to you and he will select the theories and methods that will be most helpful to the two of you.

Even if you’ve tried marriage counseling before, you might want to try it again with Dr. Woodsfellow. It might be different this time. Couples appreciate Dr. Woodsfellow's thorough assessment, honest in-depth feedback, specific advice and suggestions, and willingness to call it like it is. You might appreciate this too.

With 25 years of psychotherapy experience and over 20 years working exclusively with couples, there's practically no issue Dr. David Woodsfellow hasn't helped resolve.

Our couples counseling can help you with:

  • Communication problems
  • Infidelity and broken trust
  • Anger, aggression, and verbal abuse
  • Narcissism, grandiosity, and entitlement
  • Dealing with addictions
  • Withdrawal and isolation
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Money problems
  • Parenting problems
  • In-law problems
  • Problems with intimacy and sexuality

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The Two of You Together

We always work with both of you together
    So your counseling is fair, balanced, unbiased, and impartial.
We don’t keep secrets between the two of you
    So you can be sure that we are not colluding in betrayal.
We always begin by learning about the two of you in-depth
    So you will get the right for answers for YOU.

We don’t give the same recommendations to every couple. Far from it. We know that every couple is different. We don’t tell you what ALL COUPLES need. We tell you the particular things that YOU TWO need.

In the beginning of your counseling we quickly learn about the two of you in detail. The first meeting is with the two of you together, to learn about you as a couple. What are the problems you are having? How do you each see those problems? How do you two communicate? How do you handle conflict? How do you solve problems? How is your friendship with each other? How stable is your relationship right now?

The second meeting is the one-and-only time we meet with each of you separately, to learn about you as separate people. What is your own perspective? What is your background? What is your family history? What makes you who you are?

In addition, we give you a large number of state-of-the-art scientific questionnaires about your marriage. These cover all different parts of your relationship. We learn about you together, separately, and on paper.

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Honest Feedback

The third meeting is a feedback session with the two of you together. We give you an in-depth, detailed assessment of your relationship. We talk about your strengths as a couple and the areas of your relationship that need improvement. We talk specifically about what changes you each need to make, and what changes you need to make together. We explain what it would take to be happy again and to have the relationship of your dreams.

We tell you honestly how easy – or hard – it would be to make these changes. We talk frankly about your level of motivation and your willingness to change. Then you decide what you want to do.

If you want to save your marriage, we’ll guide you every step of the way.
You may need additional sessions to learn some new skills.
You may need additional sessions to break some bad habits.
You may need to do some things differently at home.
You may need to read some books with new ideas.
You may need to get additional help and support.

We’ll tell you what you need to do to save your marriage and guide you as you do that. We’d be glad to help you try to save your marriage. You both deserve every chance at a satisfying, loving relationship.

Take the first step today.

Call The Woodsfellow Institute at (404) 325-3401 or schedule a complimentary phone consultation, a marriage counseling appointment, or a full-day marriage intensive.

Dr. Woodsfellow and his wife, Deborah Woodsfellow, PA, MPH, have been married – and have worked on their own relationship – for more than 20 years.

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