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The Woodsfellow Institute for Couples Therapy

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Our Advanced Couples Therapy Consultation Group meets Friday mornings, 9:30 to 11:30. This advanced group is limited to therapists who (1) have taken two or more sessions of Working with Difficult Couples already (or two or more sessions of Advanced Training in Couples Therapy), and (2) have a practice that includes couples therapy.

We will focus on working with difficult couples and the challenging situations in couples therapy. The Fall 2017 session is September through December. The 6 Fridays are September 15 & 29, October 27, November 3 & 17, December 1. Please note that this in NOT our usual every-other-week pattern, and remember that everyone is allowed one free miss. The 2018 Winter/Spring session will be January through May.

The group is limited to ten participants. Call us at (404) 325-3401 for more information. Or you can click here to Register Now.

This consultation group is for:

  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Marriage and family therapists
  • Counselors
  • Pastoral counselors

This training will help you:

  1. Assess a couple's chances of staying together, and of being happy together.
  2. Use the Relationship Grid to assess each partner's role in the relationship difficulties.
  3. Diagram a couple's core conflict in a way that guides your interventions.
  4. Draw a couple's genogram to portray their significant family patterns and dynamics.
  5. List the kinds of couples you should refer, rather than treat yourself.
  6. Be clear about "who is the patient?" in the couples you treat.
  7. Choose assessment instruments for your work with couples.
  8. List the important steps in couples therapy with affairs.
  9. Formulate your own policy about confidentiality and secrets between couples.
  10. Teach a time-out agreement to stop escalation between couples.
  11. Discuss verbal and/or emotional abuse with couples, and help couples end abuse.

We use a case presentation format. You will have the opportunity to discuss some of your challenging couple cases and get feedback about them. Usually, each case has lessons for all of us.

I imagine we will discuss separation, divorce, affairs, anger, verbal abuse, violence, power struggles, withdrawal, betrayal, therapist loyalty, confidentiality, ethical issues, narcissism, control, grandiosity, etc. We may cover other topics as well, because our discussion will be guided by the cases you present.

There is no required style of case presentation. Some people just talk about a couple they’re having trouble with. Others bring in genograms and core conflict charts and testing data. People have brought in videotapes and audiotapes. You are welcome to present your cases in any way that you would like.

The cost is $85 per two-hour meeting. Each participant commits to the entire series of meetings. If you're interested in this Advanced Couples Therapy Consultation Group, please call us at (404) 325-3401.

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