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The Woodsfellow Institute for Couples Therapy
The Woodsfellow Institute for Couples Therapy


David & Deborah

Previous clients have said:

“Thank you for literally saving our marriage.”

"Amazed each visit at the combination of kindness and directness - strikes a perfect balance."

“We love our lives together now.”

"Your expertise, warmth, and wisdom have had far-reaching impacts."

“Without finding the Woodsfellow Institute, we were on our way to divorce.”

“Our marriage would not have survived without Dr. Woodsfellow's guidance.”

“We were astounded by Dr. Woodsfellow's insight and incredible advice.”

“The Woodsfellow Institute enabled us to become friends again.”

“Dr. Woodsfellow helped us to feel compassion for one another that we had never felt.”

“Your help was so valuable to us.”

"Thank you very much. You've saved our marriage."

"Doing well. We appreciate all that you have done for us. Things are good. I am currently reading ‘The Art of Happiness’ by the Dalai Lama. It reminds me a lot of what you taught us."

"We are loving each other like never before. I feel like I'm finally figuring out what it means to be a husband, and she feels the same about her role as a wife. Thank you for challenging me.

"That's exactly what I needed."

"Thank you for helping us put our marriage back together. We are so happy and truly couldn't have done it without you! The work that you did with us was amazing and still such a part of everyday life."

"The guidance you gave us was excellent. I appreciate your honesty and direct, firm style. The most beneficial counseling I have ever experienced, and I will highly recommend you to anyone in need."

"The tools you gave us have been working very well for us. We're doing really well."

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